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The Jhereg Organization or "business end" of the Jhereg is the network of bosses controlling crime in Adrilankha and other major cities. The city of Adrilankha is divided geographically between various major bosses (presumably the five members of the Jhereg Council), and then subdivided into regions controlled by lesser bosses, who answer to the major bosses.

This side of the Jhereg is sometimes also called The Right Hand of the Jhereg.

The Left Hand of the Jhereg handles illegal sorcery, but is completely independent from the Council and the Organization.

Types of Business under Organization Control[]

  • Prostitution (brothels, pimps, prostitutes or "tags" of both sexes)
  • Theft (thieves and fences)
  • Unlicensed gambling (shereba and s'yang stones are two popular games)
  • Loan sharking
  • Protection rackets
  • Work (Assassination)
  • Smuggling

Opportunities for Advancement[]

Retirement Package[]

  • A trip to Deathgate
  • Getting bought out by your rivals
  • Silently vanishing and buying an island somewhere