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This page is about the House of the Orca. For the book, see Orca (book). For the animal, see Orca (animal).

Orca are known as professional sailors and traders. A large portion of the Imperial Navy is from the House of Orca.

Like the orca itself, Orca are extremely predatory, and frequently display an inherently vicious nature. This quality produces several wealthy Orca merchants. Successful Orca typically buy large estates as far inland as they can manage, and often engage in banking, and many other high finance occupations.

Orca youths with no occupation often find it entertaining to seek out and beat, mug, or kill other youths such as themselves on the streets, and frequently target any Teckla and Easterners they find.

They made Vlad Taltos' youth miserable, playing a major part in seeding his hatred for Dragaerans.

The Orca are obsessively concerned with their rank and Titles, even though all of their titles of nobility are unassociated with land holdings the way they are in some of the other houses. This goes to the extent that the Orca will change a person's title when they receive a military promotion or demotion. This ensures that a mate always outranks a bosun, and that a captain outranks a mate—even when simply talking about their social status.

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House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: Pale Blue & Green
  • Associated concept: mercantilism and brutality
  • Physical appearance:
    • pale complexion
    • light brown hair
    • often blue eyes
    • sleek face
    • broad features
    • somewhat tough build
  • Personality traits: predatory, mercantile.
  • Social status:
    • Noble

Notable Orca[]

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