Lyorn Records

A fanged, rabbit-like creature. Norska are omnivorous, and in the wild are known to eat dragons (presumably hunted in groups). They will ordinarily refuse to eat meat they have not killed, but in captivity can be fed on a diet of ground meat and vegetables.

Norska eat by filling their cheeks with food, then slowly chewing and swallowing miniscule amounts at a time. Captive-reared specimens may bite if startled or in pain, so grasping their long ears before lifting them is necessary to handle a norska safely.

Unusually for small mammals, nosrka produce few offspring per pregnancy. In Brokedown Palace, Vilmos's buck and doe had produced only three offspring, from either three individual births, or one twin birth and one singleton.

The flesh of the norska is featured in many dishes. Norska furs are also prized for their warmth, beauty, and (if oiled) their water-repellant properties; they are often used in cloaks or coats, and for trim on fashionable garments. Norska fights, like horse-races or duels, are sometimes the subject of betting. Droppings of domesticated norska make a good substrate for raising worms.

Norska are a widespread species, being found in Fenario and Greenaere as well as the Empire. At least in Fenario, norska have black and white markings, while those in the vicinity of South Mountain are brown and white.