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"Noish-pa", which is in fact an Eastern reference to "grandfather", is an elderly Easterner, an expert fencer in the Eastern rapier style, and a very talented professional witch.

His only surviving son, Pishta Taltos, grew up in the Adrilankha, the capital of the Empire, and raised a family with a single son of his own, who eventually become much more succesful.


He grew up in Fenario, and while he has learned the Dragaeran language, his speech patterns and word choices - most notably, in calling Dragaerans "elfs" - indicate that he still thinks in the language of his homeland.

He was conscripted at some point into an army when he still lived in the East. The army was defeated after one battle.

After moving to the Dragaeran Empire, he set up shop as a witch in the Easterners Ghetto along with his familiar, Ambrus, a large white cat. He married a woman named Ibronka and raised a small family.

His wife was killed during the Revolt of 221, and his son, Pishta, died from one of the plagues still around in Dragaera, so Ambrus, and his grandson, Vladimir Taltos, were the only family he had left. When Vlad married Cawti, he quickly adopted her as his granddaughter-in-law.

When Vlad and Cawti separated, Noish-pa predicted that despite this, he would live to hold a great-grandchild in his arms. We do know that Cawti has told him about his only great-grandchild, Vlad Norathar, but it is unclear if he has ever actually met the boy.

Current Events[]

Noish-pa is past seventy, but he is still healthy, and he remains a competent swordsman.

His shop was destroyed by the Phoenix Guard during the Revolt of 244. Subsequently, he moved to the Szurke region, where he acts as Count Szurke in Vlad's absence. Vlad visited him there, and their conversation prompted him to go east to search out his mother's family in Fenario. Cawti has informed him that he does now have a great-grandson, Vlad Norathar.

Additional Notes[]

"Noish-pa" is not his name, but rather an affectionate term for "Grandfather" that both Vlad and Cawti use to address him. His actual first name is not known, although his last name is known to be "Taltos".

Linguistically, the word "noishpa" is meant to be a Fenarian softening of the Hungarian "nagyapa" or "nagypapa". [See Meta:Noish-pa]

See also Speculation:Noish-pa.


  • Vlad Taltos (grandson)
  • Ibronka (wife, deceased)
  • Jani Taltos (brother, deceased)
  • Pishta Taltos (Vlad's father) (son, deceased)
  • Marishka Merss Taltos (Vlad's mother) (daughter-in-law, deceased)
  • (Vlad's uncle, name unknown) (son, deceased)
  • (Noish-pa's sister, name unknown) (sister, deceased)
  • (Noish-pa's daughter, name unknown) (daughter, deceased)
  • Cawti (granddaughter-in-law)
  • Ambrus (familiar)
  • Vlad Norathar (great-grandson)


"Do not be distracted by the shadows, always concentrate only on the target"