Lyorn Records

Morganti weapons are a type of weapon capable of "eating" the soul of any person they cut. They were created by the Serioli. It is said that they were created in an attempt to "make war so horrible no one would ever engage in it" (Dragon). In a world where reincarnation and later revivification are both known and often expected, a soul-killing weapon which prevents both takes on a considerable extra horror.

Morganti weapons are, in every known case, edged weapons. Their blades are generally black and they radiate a sense of hunger. Easterners find this feeling very disturbing. Morganti weapons are known to have a "kind of sentience", but in most cases, this does not go beyond an ability to feel hunger.

The Great Weapons are a special case of Morganti weapons.

The Jhereg use Morganti weapons on snitches, so there aren't many snitches.

Gods can be severed from a world or plane of existence by being sufficiently harmed by a Morganti weapon of some power. The only beings who can resist a Morganti weapon are the Jenoine.

There are six known ways for a normal mortal to prevent their soul being eaten;

  • Possess and bond with a Great Weapon, which safeguards your soul. (The Not-Bloody-Likely clause)
  • Die first. Morganti weapons cannot destroy the soul of one already dead. (The It-Can't-Get-Any-Worse clause)
  • If a Great Weapon's owner doesn't want it to eat your soul, it won't. (The Not-With-A-Ten-Foot-Pole clause, as expressed by Morrolan)
  • Be the Emperor. The Orb will protect your soul in a fashion similar to how a Great Weapon will. (The It's-good-to-be-the-King clause)
  • Don't be anywhere close to one. (The You-Can't-Get-Me clause)
  • Kill the other person with one first. (The First-Come-First-Kill clause)