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Mora was a lieutenant in Wadre's group of bandits in the later years of the Interregnum. Her house is unknown, but as Paarfi of Roundwood described her, her short curly hair hid a noble's point which reveals that she was not a Teckla.

After Wadre and his fellows met with Kytraan and Piro, Mora realized that the two were 'marked' for some important but unknown destiny and that they were all now bound together for their fates.

After the bandits encountered Orlaan, Mora continued in her role as lieutenant and was among those who confronted Zerika the Fourth prior to her plunge over Deathgate Falls.

Mora was struck down by Tazendra in the battle that followed, suffering a sword slash and broken ribs. Piro, Kytraan, and Tazendra left those injured in the battle on the field, and Mora's fate was probably decided by those serious wounds.