Lyorn Records

A Dragon of the e'Drien line, Molric was son of Rollondar e'Drien and the brother of Morrolan e'Drien.

Molric served as the chainman for his mother's brother, Adron e'Kieron, in Adron's Breath of Fire Battalion.

When Adron rebelled against Tortaalik, Rollondar, as the Warlord, was tasked with defeating Adron militarily. Rollondar's forces were victorious, but they attacked Molric as well, since he was loyal to Adron.

As Molric lay severely injured, Adron was attempting to take control of the Orb. This led to Adron's Disaster, and Molric, along with almost everyone else in the area, perished.

A loyal servant of Adron, and his father's son, Molric's last thoughts were extremely ambivalent, seeing as how his beloved father had just bested his honored captain in battle.

Molric died without ever meeting Morrolan.