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A coachman... and all that implies.

A Fenerarian Easterner, Miska was employed as the coachman for a nobleman in Fenario until his master drowned. He then left Fenario, and made his way to Blackchapel.

He gave Morrolan e'Drien his name during The Paths of the Dead, and is on hand to bring Teldra into Morrolan's company. It should be noted that this second event was nearly one hundred years later, indicating that Miska has a far greater lifespan than your typical Easterner. Specifically, he describes himself as "eternal".

Miska also appears to have a gift of insight. Not only does he give Morrolan a name in three languages, he includes a few prophesies to go along with it, which are not only convincing enough that Morrolan accepts the name, they are actually all fulfilled later on. The name even turns out to be closely related to his father Rollondar's.

In addition, Miska is sharp-eyed enough to notice that Morrolan isn't actually an Easterner, which doesn't seem to be a common insight at the time. He's also wise enough not to comment on it when Morrolan appears not to know himself.

Miska enjoys drinking good brandy. Even more than the drinking, however, it appears he enjoys being drunk.

He also appears in Brokedown Palace, again as a coachman, this time in the employ of the Count of Mordfal.

Here he tells a tale to Prince Miklos—while getting good and drunk.

This event occurred more than three hundred years after Miska's first meeting with Morrolan. Given his abnormally long lifespan, the full significance of the coachman may not yet have been revealed.

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"More questions! I seek answers and receive only questions. Are you a garabonciás?"

"Coachmen are eternal."