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Dragaeran minstrels may come from almost any House, though they appear to be most commonly from the houses of Issola, Tiassa, and Teckla.

A travelling minstrel will typically ply their trade in exchange for food and lodging with a local innkeeper. Minstrels will usually sing, and they will often play an instrument as well. Drums are common, but stringed and wind instruments may also be used.

In addition to musical performance, a travelling minstrel will also tell stories and relate news to their audiences.

In major cities such as Adrilankha, minstrels will often engage different inns, presumably in exchange for money, rather than for food and board, although this may still happen in some cases. Presumably, the "news" a local minstrel tells will often simply be local gossip.

An urban minstrel will also often perform in an ensemble with other musicians. Minstrels of great repute, such as Bastrai, may even have a regular group of backup musicians.

Most (if not all) minstrels will belong to the Minstrel's Guild, which presumably looks out for the minstrel's interests when they have a grievance with an innkeeper.

Notable Minstrels[]