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Miklós is a Prince of Fenario, and youngest of the four brothers.

He is the protagonist of Brokedown Palace.

See also Meta:Miklos.


When he was a young man, Miklós' complaints about the run-down state of the palace angered the eldest brother, King László, who then attacked him, driving him from the palace.

Miklós survived this attack, and met the horse Bölk, who traveled with him to the borders of Faerie.

Miklós crossed over into Faerie alone, staying there for some time as a Teckla serf. This gave him a link to the Orb and the ability to practice sorcery (although he thinks of it as the Power of Faerie). He then returned, avoided a rampaging dragon, and met with Bölk again.

Miklós tried to reconcile with his brother, but this effort was doomed to fail. Ultimately, Miklós realized that he had no other choice but to renew the palace - even if that meant he must destroy it first.

Current Events[]

Though despondent at the departure of Brigitta, Miklós survives the events of Brokedown Palace, and is presumably still alive in Fenario. (He would be about 50 years old at the time of Vlad Taltos.)


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