Lyorn Records

A Dragon, wife of K'laiyer e'Lanya, mother of Norathar e'Lanya. Her lineage is unknown, although it is probable that she was also an e'Lanya.

Miera was the one through whom the Yendi Conspiracy first targeted K'laiyer e'Lanya. Sethra the Younger claimed that her friend, Baritt, said that after drinking with Miera, Miera let slip the incredibly shameful story that her daughter was a bastard, possibly not even a full Dragon. Sethra Lavode believed that this was sufficiently possible to warrant a full genescan of Norathar.

Miera was killed permanently along with her husband during their attack against Sethra Lavode.

Little is known about her besides the above. For more detail, see K'laiyer e'Lanya.