Lyorn Records

A historic event that took place during the Lyorn reign in the 14th Cycle under Emperor Valenda II.

The massacre occurred as a result of the invasion of the Imperial Army to restore control after the Nialda Rebellion.

The walled city of West Reach, located in the Kanefthali region in the northwest of The Empire, surrendered to the Imperial Army, however between 312-618 captured soldiers, mostly Dragonlords were slaughtered while prisoners.

This event led to an effort by The Emperor to suppress the facts of the massacre, which ultimately proved not only entirely ineffective, but also counter-productive.

Later, the play 'Last Man Printing' was written as a critique of the attempt to suppress the event. This, in turn, led to an effort by The Emperor to not only suppress the production and performance of the play, but also to imprison and sentence the work's author, Plawtke to death. ,