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The Malak Circle District is the local name for a loosely-defined area in south-central Adrilankha (but west, or 'south' of the river).

Malak Circle itself is a "turnaround" located near the center of this district, where it intersects both Lower Kieron Road and Copper Lane (and possibly other smaller side streets).

Lower Kieron Road is the largest and widest street in the area, and hosts many shops, inns, and markets. It runs from northeast to southwest through the district.  

Streets located within the Malak Circle District:

  • Lower Kieron Road
  • Copper Lane
  • North Garshos Street
  • Dayland
  • Glendon
  • Solom
  • Pier Street
  • Undauntra
  • Nebbit
  • Ulor
  • Copper Street