Lyorn Records

Macska was the Teckla maid to Shant and Lewchin during the early years of Zerika the Fourth's reign. When Khaavren decided to attempt a reconciliation with his son Piro, he called on his son's friends from the Porker Poker Society at their manor house.

Although the young Dzur and Issola refused to tell Khaavren of his son's whereabouts, they did agree to send a message to Piro on the Captain's behalf. Macska was dispatched to send this missive, but she was intercepted by the ingenious Pel. Pel engaged the pretty maid in conversation, and promised to show her an evening's entertainment. While he spoke to her, the Yendi was able to see the address on the letter.

Pel then met with Khaavren and informed the Tiassa what he had done. Khaavren was mildly offended by the manner Pel had gone about it, but was glad of the result. Pel calmed Khaavren's discomfort at the thought of a romantic liaison between Pel and Macska by offering the assurance that there were no intentions towards marriage.

It is not known if Pel ever fulfilled his promise to Macska, and neither is her reaction if he failed to do so.