Lyorn Records

Lysek was a comical figure who appeared in Five Hundred Years After. A Jhegaala, Lysek worked in a theatre that specialized in the farcical costume dramas of the early 15th Cycle. The audiences in that theatre would pelt the actors who portrayed the villains with vegetable matter. Lysek's job was to clean their shoes after each performance.

While at the theatre, Lysek spotted Aliera e'Kieron and was smitten by the sight of her. He attempted to follow her after the performance, but overheard Grita and some Teckla conspiring to cause a riot. Having lost Aliera's trail, Lysek decided to visit the Institute of Discretion. There, he planned to exchange the information he had obtained about the riots for advice about how to arrange a liaison with Aliera.

At the Institute, Lysek was interviewed by Pel in the presence of Mistress Erna. Pel used the threat of arrest to empty Lysek of all useful information. At the conclusion of the interview, Lysek was given directions to the encampment of Adron e'Kieron, which the love-smitten boot-cleaner presumably followed.


Pel interrogates Lysek about his job

Pel: "And therefore, you spend your time cleaning rotten vegetables from the bottom of shoes."

Lysek: "That is exactly the case."

P: "Well, if you will pardon me, it does not seem to be an enjoyable pastime."

L: "Oh, it is not, I assure you."

P: "It is, in fact, odious?"

L: "Odious is the very word I should use to describe it."

P: "But at least the pay is good."

L: "On the contrary, the pay is so poor, I can scarcely live from one day to the next. I sleep in the theater, and if the actors did not, from time to time, take pity on me by allowing me their leavings, I should be perpetually weak from hunger."

P: "Well then, do you hope to someday rise to better position in the theater?"

L: "Hardly. I have been given to understand that this is the only role to which I can ever aspire."

P: "Well then, why don't you find another position?"

Lysek (in amazed tones): "How? Impossible. I live for the theater."