Lyorn Records
This page is about the House of the Lyorn. For the animal, see Lyorn (animal). The book Lyorn has not yet been published.


A stylized lyorn

The House of the Lyorn is a House of scholars and warriors. Lyorn are thirsty for knowledge and are contained within the traditions of their House. It is the adherence to form, etiquette and attention to honor and duty which shape the inquisitive mind of a Lyorn more than anything else. Unlike Athyra, Lyorn are interested in studying many things besides magic, aiming for knowledge more for its own worth than as a source of skill.

The Lyorn records is a historical work which encompasses the majority of significant events and people roughly within the limit of the Imperial timeline. Little is known about the actual "recorders" or "writers" of the work but it is of particular worth because of its standard of objectivity and scope (nevertheless, there has been at least one case of fictional modification and another case of unauthorized access). Other Houses record only their internal affairs. Also, Lyorn have developed methods to preserve records over two hundred thousand years old.

Lyorn are commonly sorcerers and fighters. Lyorn warriors are very controlled and defensive warriors compared to Dragons or Dzur. Their standard fighting garb includes metal vambraces.

Lyorn are considered among the highest class of nobles in the Dragaeran Empire. Despite this, Lyorn appear less prideful than Dragons or Dzur and certainly less attracted to mayhem. Membership is strictly hereditary; if you were not born a Lyorn, you will never be one. Additionally, Lyorn are the only House to refer to non-landowning members as Knights.

House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: red & golden brown[1]
  • Associated concept: tradition & duty
  • Personality traits:
    • truthful [2]
    • upright[3]
    • proper [4]
    • thorough [5]
    • reserved
    • mildly friendly
  • Physical traits:
    • straight brown hair
    • dark complexion[1]
    • high forehead[1]
    • thin face[1]
    • small mouth[1]
    • hooked nose[1]
    • graceful movement[6]
  • Status: Noble
  • Key to the Paths of the Dead: vision-inducing ceramic disc

Notable Lyorn[]


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