Lyorn Records

Loudin was Phoenix Heir during the eighteenth Phoenix Reign, shortly before Adron's Disaster, as described in Five Hundred Years After. She was originally a maid-of-honor to Noima, and at some point, was designated the Heir in some undisclosed fashion.

She had also been delegated the rôle of Deputy to the Emperor in matters relating to House Phoenix, and watched over the interests of the House. It was in this rôle that it was her sad duty to report to Jurabin, shortly before the Meeting of Principalities in the 532nd year of Tortaalik's reign, that the House was nearly bankrupt.

Loudin's husband Vernoi, concerned about her being in late pregnancy during the civil unrest that led up to Adron's Disaster, convinced her to flee from Dragaera City, thus allowing her to escape the Disaster itself.

She later died from one of the plagues, shortly after giving birth to her daughter Zerika the Fourth.

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