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A group of gods that watch over Dragaera.

The Lords of Judgment are the single divine force in the universe presented in Dragaera. They caused the creation of an Empire of Dragaerans through inspirational dreams to Kieron the Conqurer to unite the thirty-one tribes and fight the Easterners, and visions sent to Zerika to create the Orb that manipulates order out of raw chaos to introduce sorcery. This, kept in order by a Cycle which contains mystical forces progressing the Empire through time and refining into existence an advanced social entity in their domain. Their motive, above all else, is to protect their world from the Jenoine.

The Halls of Judgment is their home and can be found within their realm, which exists inside and outside of time. It is within its walls that efforts are made to analyze the souls of the dead in order to identify those with particular skill for development and application in their defense. These efforts are channeled through perceptions and interpretations of the future in order to single out each threat and prepare to meet it.

The gods are attracted to the Great Weapons. It is for this reason that individuals possessing such artifacts often bear instrumental roles in the conflict. Among other things, it signifies them as one of the rare individuals who the gods have reason to fear if they choose to direct their powers against them (as the creators of the weapons wished), and makes them one of the targets of the Jenoine. Known examples of such individuals are the currently infamous Sethra Lavode, two powerful Dragonlords with the names Morrolan e'Drien and Aliera e'Kieron, a Fenarian called Vladimir Taltos, and a Lavode-in-training.

Their most recent confrontation with their enemies occurred by the shores of the Lesser Sea of Chaos where their forces encountered a small group of Jenoine to counter their plans in achieving a link to the Sea for their personal use. Assisting them were Sethra Lavode, the Necromancer, Vladimir Taltos, a female dragon, Aliera e'Kieron, Morrolan e'Drien, and Teldra. The skirmish killed two of the Jenoine after which the rest cut off their link, penetrated the shield the Necromancer worked on to prevent their retreat, and promptly vanished.

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