Lyorn Records

A Dragon-Issola crossbreed, Lord Onarr is a widely honored and acclaimed Dragaeran swordsman, to the extent that he is generally perceived, among certain other figures, as the greatest swordfighter ever to exist in history of the Dragaeran Empire.


His father was a Dragon from the e'Drien line, and his mother an Issola. His father died at some point in his youth. It is unknown what became of his mother.

Because of his heritage, Onarr was unable to claim membership to either House.

He made arrangements with former associates of his father to become familiar with the customs and formalities associated with a member of House Dragon. A short period of time later, early on in his career as a swordsman, he permanently killed each of those associates. Within the next seven hundred years, Onarr was fully accepted as an elite member of the House of the Dragon, under the false assumption that he had spent his previous life in the East.

At some point during the Interregnum, Lord Onarr agreed to teach Mellar the art of swordsmanship, in return for Mellar bringing a witch willing to help cure Onarr's wife from a local disease, at the time. It is possible that Lord Onarr's origins may have possibly contributed to him consenting to train Mellar, if he knew of Mellar's ancestry (which may suggest Mellar knew something of Lord Onarr's origins himself).