Lyorn Records

Loftis was a Dragonlord of the e'Drien line, and Viscount of Clovenrocks Wood.

He had three Signets; at the time of Orca, he had been in the Imperial Service for at least 250 years.

Vlad thought Loftis resembled Morrolan e'Drien in terms of physical appearance. Vlad encountered Loftis while investigating the Orca conspiracy, and found the Dragonlord officer to be extremely sharp and difficult to fool, honest and noble. Kiera seemed to concur.

Loftis had knowledge of military history, and frequently sprinkled references to obscure battles or soldierly practices in his speech. Kiera's conversations with Loftis along these lines provided Vlad with a key clue to unlocking the mystery of the Jhereg thief's identity.

Loftis was the former head of a division of the Special Tasks Group, which reports directly to Khaavren.

Loftis was killed by members of a conspiracy to cover up the death of Fyres in order to profit from a real estate swindle.