Lyorn Records

Loch was a Teckla serf serving Aerich in the Duchy of Arylle. When the Lyorn learned that Adron was in danger in the days prior to the disaster, he made plans for a journey to Dragaera City. Prior his departure, Temma gave his chief servant, Steward, instructions on the management of the estate during his absence.

One of these instructions concerned Loch and Handsweight. The two Teckla were involved in a dispute of some kind, the details of which were never revealed. Steward was to inform both not to take any action, but to delay the resolution of their dispute until the Duke's return.

In the event, the two impatient Teckla forged ahead despite this command from their lord. By the time Aerich returned, Loch and Handsweight had fought a 'peasant's duel.' Since Teckla are not normally permitted to bear arms, this 'duel' likely resembled a common brawl.

Loch received a broken arm for his trouble. Aerich's reaction upon learning that his instructions had been disregarded is not recorded; however, he was unlikely to be pleased.