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In theater productions, the Lighting Color Changer (also known as "Side Four", see Dragaeran Theater) is responsible for changing the colors (and presumably the intensity and positioning) of the sorcerous lighting used in the play.

Since theaters generally employ strong anti-sorcery protections to prevent rival theater companies from stealing their set designs, blocking, and interpretation, the use of sorcery can only be accomplished by the particular individual who cast the anti-magic protection spells, they being the only one immune to the effects of their own protection spells.

Due to the highly specialized and demanding nature of the sorcery involved in this occupation, the job is most commonly filled by an Athyra. As such, generally the Lighting Color Changer is not a normal member of a theater company, but is employed specifically for any given theatrical production.

Known Lighting Color Changers[]

  • Murit,