Lyorn Records

An elite group of warriors who are also wizards, or wizards who are also warriors. Formed by Sethra Lavode, from whom they take their group name as well as surname, and led by her when she is not in disgrace at the Court. They are tasked with defending the Orb and the cycle, (though not necessarily the Emperor) from threats that are fundamentally non-military. While they are not beholden to anyone, their services are nevertheless invaluable.

The name itself is from a Serioli word meaning "versatile", or if pronounced slightly differently, "of mountains".

Every Lavode whose House is currently known to us is of the House of the Dzur; it is unknown whether membership is open to non-Dzurlords.

As of Dzur, there are no remaining full-fledged Lavodes (besides Sethra) that we know of, all having perished during Adron's Disaster, or in Tazendra Lavode's case, in the beginning of Zerika the Fourth's reign.

There is one Lavode in training, Zungaron, but despite the fact that he wears the uniform of a Lavode, he has not yet achieved full status.

At some point prior to The Phoenix Guards the Lavode Scandal rocked the Court. Whether this involved specific members of the Lavodes or just Sethra isn't clear.

Notable Lavodes[]