Lyorn Records

A mysterious, yet pivotal event in the history of the Dragaeran Empire revolving around the Lavodes, most notably their captain, Sethra Lavode.

This event happened some time after the Elde Island wars which occurred at the end of the seventeenth Jhegaala reign, breaking sometime during the Athyra reign that followed (Cherova III).

G'aereth was known to be peripherally involved in the scandal, and it is clear that there were several factions involved, presumably some in support of Sethra, and some opposed.

Few details are known, as of yet, but what is clear is that Sethra's standing at Court decreased significantly. It is implied that the outcome of the scandal caused her to lose her position as Warlord, and also as captain of the Lavodes, which passed to Gyorg in her stead.

It is unclear how this otherwise impacted the Lavodes, or what role G'aereth played in the scandal.

It is also known that Sethra had a room named after her at the old palace in Dragaera City, but that after the scandal broke it was renamed to just the North Room.

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