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A Teckla serf from the southwest of Dragaera. Most notable as the lackey of Piro, the Viscount of Adrilankha.


Lar was raised in lands controlled by Baron Halfwing in southwest Dragaera. Upon reaching adulthood, he acquired a plot of land near the coast and took up farming. Shortly thereafter, however, Adron's Disaster dealt a severe blow to his holdings, and Baron Halfwing himself was killed. Dispossessed, Lar found himself free to seek his fortune at the beginning of the Interregnum. Unfortunately, having little education and few marketable skills, Lar fell in with a travelling band of road agents, for whom he would cook and perform other basic services. (There is no evidence that Lar was ever actively employed as a bandit himself.)

Late in the Interregnum, Lar's band happened into a chance encounter with Grita, who slaughtered the entire band, leaving only Lar (who was back in camp at the time) alive. Lar took possession of the band's plunder, and was able to support himself with the proceeds for some years.

When his funds at last began to run low, Lar made his way to Adrilankha, where he obtained a position as doorman at Whitecrest Manor. Lar also was assigned as the lackey for Piro, the Viscount of Adrilankha, and journeyed with him when he left on a quest to Dzur Mountain with Kytraan.

During his stay at Dzur Mountain, Lar became friends with Mica, the lackey for Tazendra.

After a stay in the lair of Sethra Lavode, Lar joined with Tazendra, Piro, Kytraan and Mica on a quest to escort Zerika the Fourth to Deathgate Falls in order to retrieve the Orb from the Paths of the Dead.

Some time later, during the Battle of South Mountain, Lar acquitted himself very well, showing bravery far above the norm for a Teckla. Lar was also present during the Battle of Castle Black, where he again showed exceptional bravery in the face of adversity.

After Piro had a falling out with his father, Lar followed the Tiassa and continued to serve him, this time as a member of The Blue Fox and Company.

Lar continued to serve faithfully during this period, and later when the band found its way back to South Mountain, where they witnessed a climactic battle between Tazendra, Grita, Illista, Aerich, and a Jenoine.

Current Status[]

Lar survived the events surrounding the restoration of the Empire, and is presumably still alive and serving as Piro's lackey in Adrilankha.


Lar is noted to be an excellent cook, and is quite creative and innovative when need requires him to be. (For example, being able to keep track of time by counting the calls of the ratbird).

Piro also believes Lar to be something of a philosopher, and although Lar himself insists that this is not true, he does occasionally utter statements that bear at least a passing similarity to philosophical musings.