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Lanya e'Kieron was a Dragon of great standing, and Empress of the 4th Dragon Reign. She was best known for her tactical abilities. She became famous enough that her descendants began calling themselves e'Lanya. All e'Lanyas have some skill with the tactical part of warfare. All the information we have on Lanya is from Uttrik e'Lanya and Kathana e'Marish'Chala.

When a detachment of the White Boot Battalion of the Phoenix Guard arrived to arrest Khaavren and his companions on their return from successfully negotiating the Treaty of the Pepperfields, Uttrik was prepared to fight rather than submit. Aerich, however, convinced Uttrik to submit to arrest by reminding him that Lanya herself did so, after she refused to assault the fortress of the Issola Muranda despite the orders of the Athyra Emperor of the Third Cycle, Soori-Laino-Kri. Paarfi also delightfully lets drop that Lanya defied not one, but two emperors, and took the Orb by leading a force of 50 Dragonlords and 2,000 trained "functionaries" to seize the throne in the Coup of the Bureaucrats that deposed the Phoenix Emperor, Jessier the Fearful.

Notable e'Lanyas[]

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