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The personal servant of a nobleman. Usually a Teckla.

In Dragaera, a lackey is typically expected to travel with his master, wear his livery, care for his horse, clean, polish and sharpen his weapons, help his master dress, and bring food and drink--with the understanding that any leftovers are the lackey's to consume. In return, the lackey is fed, clothed, and given shelter, as well as the opportunity to earn money for performing his services with exceptional ability or proficiency.

Near the end of the seventeenth cycle, the Revolt of the Livery caused the practice of having personal lackey's to fall out of fashion.

This, however, did not stop Tazendra from retaining Mica as her Lackey only forty years or so later.

Piro also retained a lackey named Lar, who aided him in his adventures.