Lyorn Records

Kurich was a Dragonlord of the e'Tenith line, and younger brother of the warlord Lytra e'Tenith. He served in the Phoenix Guard during the early years of Tortaalik's reign.

Kurich was a member of the White Sash Battalion, a rival group to the Red Boot Company. After offending Tazendra as she wandered the Imperial Palace with a friendly Issola Count, Tazendra challenged Kurich, and the two dueled shortly afterwards.

Kurich was joined at this duel by his friends Dekkaan, Uilliv, and Rekov. Tazendra was in turn joined by Khaavren, Pel, and Aerich. Khaavren and Dekkaan had previously agreed to duel each other (by coincidence, at approximately the same time and place that Tazendra had challenged Kurich). However, rather than standing as witnesses to the arranged duels, Uilliv and Pel agreed to fight each other, as did Rekov and Aerich.

Kurich was killed by Tazendra after giving her a deep cut on the shoulder, as described in the The Phoenix Guards. In spite of his agreeing to the confrontation without witnesses or a judge, the death did in turn cause some problems for Tazendra, due to his close relationship to the warlord.

It was by silently mouthing Kurich's name that Khaavren gave G'aereth a clue to escape Lytra's verbal trap during her interrogation of the Tiassa under the Orb. The Captain urged Lytra to inquire into the circumstances of the quarrel which resulted in Kurich's death, and although Lytra initially balked, G'aereth claimed that he wanted Khaavren and his friends to be brought to justice for every one of their crimes. In this way, Khaavren was able to explain that Kurich had been guarding the door of a secret meeting between Seodra and Lytra. By explaining this and thinking to refer to Seodra as "Garland's master", Khaavren managed to explain what had really happened, escaping the trap.