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"...eternity is even longer than the amount of time it takes a servant to prepare one's morning klava in a morning where one is forced to rise early after a night's excess; and that is the longest time I know." -- Zerika the Fourth

Klava is a popular Dragaeran form of caffeine intake. It is produced (as described by Vlad Taltos on p. 20 of Issola) by putting coffee through a filter of eggshells, woodchips, and vanilla beans; reheating to almost boiling; and then pouring through a cloth to remove oils. It is much smoother and less bitter than coffee.

It is often served with cream and honey, and is the only truly civilized way to start the day.

Insist on it being served in a mug, as opposed to a glass. Otherwise, the klava is too cold to drink by the time you can stand to pick up the glass.