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László III was King of Fenario at the time of Brokedown Palace. He was thin, pale, and had curly hair and a long moustache. He was thirty-three years old when the events of Brokedown Palace led to his death.


As the oldest of the four princes of Fenario, László became king at the age of sixteen, when his father, János VI, was partially paralyzed by the collapse of the west wing of the Old Palace.

László took the kingship very seriously. Advised by Rezső, and aided by Sándor's wizardry and his brother Vilmos's strength, László did his best to keep the kingdom safe and prosperous. He exercized daily by fencing with his Captain of the Guard, Viktor. He did have a minor weakness for casual liaisons with attractive young women, which was why Viktor introduced him to Brigitta, who was to serve László as his mistress.

László's greatest weakness, which led to the fatal conflict with his youngest brother Miklós, was a complete inability to accept the decay of the Palace in which the royal family lived. And more than simple denial, he was provoked into profound rage by comments by anyone else that the Palace was in a state of decay and corruption. His attacks on Miklós were provoked by Miklós describing the very real flaws in the building, and later, saying that the palace would someday collapse. László seems to have been completely unable to change his feelings and perceptions about the Palace.

When Miklós returned for the second time, he avoided mentioning anything about flaws in the palace, and László, who did still after all love his brother, tried to reconcile with him. However, when László decided to try and destroy the Tree, Miklós decided that the Palace had to be renewed, and the Tree protected, and Brigitta and Vilmos joined with him against László, Sándor, and Viktor and Viktor's Guards.

László unleashed Állam, nearly killing Vilmos, but Miklós found a staff from the Tree, and passed to Vilmos. When Állam struck the staff, it was Állam that was destroyed, deciding the conflict against László.

When László realized how completely he had been defeated, he left the Palace while the Tree was still in the process of renewing it, and was killed by a falling stone block.

The expression on his brother's face was not hate, nor even anger, but sorrow that mirrored what he, Miklós, felt. László had seemingly learned more than Miklós had thought. He had learned more than to cut and to thrust, or to attack or to retreat, or to plead or to threaten, or to tax or to export. He had learned duty.