Lyorn Records

Kiera the Thief is considered one of the best thieves in the Jhereg. She is one of the few women in the business end of the Jhereg not in the Left Hand of the Jhereg. She often steals on commission, though sometimes she steals for herself as well. She is accomplished both at in-person theft or pick-pocketry and at breaking and entering (Jhereg, Orca).

She is a highly accomplished sorceress and a reasonably competent Elder sorceress, although she never flaunts these talents, preferring to use them secretly and privately for the purpose of analyzing sorcerous security systems and other types of traps, and disabling them temporarily. She goes to great pains to not leave any trace of her presence.

An image of Kiera can be found here, by Danielle Sylvie Taylor.

Kiera counts among her friends Vlad Taltos. She met him as a child, offering him comfort after he witnessed an assassination in his father's restaurant, where he worked. She later paid off Vlad's taxes, and even trained Vlad in housebreaking and the basic arts of being stealthy. She also convinced Nielar to hire Vlad into the Organization to collect debts. She has also pulled Vlad's body out of the gutter to be revivified on at least one occasion (Jhereg).

Kiera is secretly the alter ego of Sethra Lavode, a fact which only Vlad has ever discovered. By her own account, Sethra created this alter-ego some 2000 years before Vlad, in order to keep track of what the Jhereg were doing.

Kiera's name is an ancient female variant of Kieron.


"If something is missing and we don't know how, Kiera took it."


I said, "Tell him it's Kiera."

Their eyes grew just a little bit wider. That always happens. It is very satisfying.


"How did you find out, when did you find out, and who have you told?"