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Kethna are common herbivorous animals present in a diverse set of environments. They used as food-animals and are raised and eaten across the lands of Dragaera and the East. They are large enough that the meat of a single big specimen could be shared among a band of a few dozen.

They run wild in the plains to the north where they are sometimes hunted by the Cat-centaurs of the Forever Plains. A domesticated variety is also common, and they are frequently raised by Teckla in farms throughout the Empire. Kethna farmers grow corn for feed, and their farms have a strong odor.

They seem to inhabit a place on the food chain similar to pigs or chickens, but it is unclear exactly what type of animal kethna most resemble in our world. There is a mention of them in Jhegaala_(book) that would indicate they are more like pigs, however:

"A few untended kethna wandered around on their under-sized cloven hooves, snorting and snuffling and looking for victuals."[1]

Kethna meat is prepared in many ways, including smoked, as bacon, roasted whole, stuffed, or baked into rolls and pies.

In the barony of Daavya at the time of Tazendra's incumbency, one kethna was of roughly equal value to 10 bushels of corn or 16 1/2 bushels of wheat for tax purposes.


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