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Lead by Padriac Kelly, this is a group of social revolutionaries in South Adrilankha.

Their activities include teaching the lowest classes of Easterners and Teckla how to read, educating them in the basics of personal finance and responsible behavior, and explaining and demonstrating the benefits of determined collective action.

They also organize resistance to Imperial police actions against South Adrilankha, and to Jhereg intimidation tactics. To this end, they will sometimes arm themselves and construct barricades to control access to the streets.

This resistance came to a head during the Revolt of 244, which ended in the deaths of many of them.

Their ultimate goal is to disperse their message to the vast majority of laboring Teckla, in the hopes of fomenting a revolution that will overturn the Cycle, or at least make the Cycle irrelevant. This goal is generally thought by those not of this organization to be highly implausible at best, and absurdly impossible at worst.

Notable Members of Kelly's Movement[]