Lyorn Records

Kefaan was a young Iorich nobleman living in the far western part of the old Dragaeran Empire, in the barony of Wetrock. He was born sometime well after the 145th year of the reign of the Athyra Empress Cherova III. His parents were Cerwin and Tiscara. His big sister was Livosha, and both had an even older sister named Nira, who was killed when Kefaan was very young.

Brief history[]

When still a child, Kefaan and Livosha's home was attacked by brigands, led by the vicious Fidra, who murdered their parents and sister, as well as all their household servants. Only by a bit of luck, and the foresight and preparation of her parents were Livosha and Kefaan able to escape.

After escaping betrayal at the hands of the moneylender Gystralan, Livosha was able to find employment with Lady Ficora, who hid Livosha and her brother under assumed identities until they could work out the means by which to reclaim their birthright, and seek vengeance on those who had destroyed their families and their futures.

Having ample free time on his hands, and in an attempt to aid their plans for revenge, Kefaan began to befriend local members of the Jhereg Organization, helping to build up their savings, and also making numerous influential friends, and learning the inner workings of Jhereg criminal enterprises.

This later became useful when it was discovered that Eremit, Livosha's former betrothed, had also survived the attacks on his families home and was also engaged in a similar quest for justice against their mutual adversaries.