Lyorn Records

A mountainous region in the northwest of the Dragaeran Empire.

This range includes the villages of Krethtown and Lorimel, the peaks of Brownhead, Lostway, Redground, Needle-at-the-Top, Koopyr, Hawk Mountain and Mount Kâna as well as the region of Harata.

Sethra Lavode has said that she came from there.

Kâna started out as Skinter e'Terics, a mere Count of that area, but raised himself to a Duke, and began expanding, first within the Kanefthali region, then to the south and east.

A few Serioli still live in this region; Vlad Taltos and Morrolan e'Drien visited with one on Hawk Mountain in the Kanefthali chain.

Hwdf'rjaanci's name comes from this region, as may she herself.