Lyorn Records

Skinter e'Terics of the House of the Dragon was originally the Count of Whiteside, in the duchy of Kâna.

Other titles: Prince of Kanefthali, Duke of Harwall, Duke of Tenmoors - these varied and grew as he conquered more land.


Skinter assumed the title of Duke of Kâna shortly after the Interregnum, since the original Duchess died during Adron's Disaster, and Skinter himself successfully defeated all potential rivals.

He was exceedingly ambitious, and with the assistance of his more tactically-minded cousin Habil, decided to subjugate the surrounding areas with an eye towards eventually reforming the Dragaeran Empire under his own leadership. Many others had the same idea, but Kâna (as Skinter came to be called) was by far the most successful.

Habil served as his chief strategist, and as Kâna succeeded in more and greater victories, he gained some very able and experienced generals who served under him.

Kâna probably would have succeeded had Zerika the Fourth not emerged from the Paths of the Dead with the Orb, and had he not been confronted by the army of the young Dragonlord named Morrolan e'Drien.

Even then, Kâna was assisted by Habil and Orlaan in several desperate but ingenious stratagems which gave him a good fighting chance, including locating and allying with one of the last surviving members of House Phoenix, the exiled Illista; negotiating with the God Tri'nagore to block witchcraft; and even going so far as to work with a Jenoine, allowing it to partly manifest so as to disable the Orb. However, Morrolan e'Drien was able to defeat Tri'nagore, and Tazendra and Sethra Lavode and the Necromancer were able to counter the Jenoine.

Kâna was eventually defeated at the Battle of Adrilankha, and arrested shortly after by Khaavren. He was sentenced to death on the Executioner's Star, along with his cousin Habil.


"It is hardly fair."