Lyorn Records

A Dragon of the e'Lanya line, and the highest family of that line, for it was he that the Dragon Council chose as the Heir, at some point during Tortaalik's Reign. He was husband to Miera, father to Norathar and his formal title was "Lord of Kee-Laiyer Meadows".

Unfortunately, he had the bad fortune to be targeted by a complex conspiracy, due to his opposition to conquering the Eastern Kingdoms. K'laiyer's daughter Norathar was accused of being a cross-breed bastard.

Deeply angered and insulted, he and his wife declared war on Sethra Lavode, who had been deceived by the conspirators into presenting the accusation to the Council. Both K'laiyer and Miera died in the battle against Dzur Mountain, quite possibly by targeted assassination (so that no awkward questions might arise should they have still been alive after losing). The conspirators then made certain that the gene-scan confirming Norathar as a bastard was verified as such before the Dragon Council.

As a result of the scandal, the Council decided that the Dragon Heir would instead once again be Adron e'Kieron.