Lyorn Records

A Phoenix who was Prime Minister under Tortaalik. His official title was the baron of Beespatch.

According to Paarfi, Jurabin was a relatively competent administrator under normal circumstances, and effectively ran the Empire for several hundred years while Tortaalik slipped into decadence.

Jurabin's competence, however, might be questionable given the state of the Empire at the time: the treasury depleted; prolonged drought; unrest in the city; rebellions in the duchies; and the disruption of trade. In addition, Jurabin revealed that the House of Phoenix was on the verge of bankruptcy due to losing their fortunes through speculation.

Jurabin's implied poor handling of the above matters must be contrasted with the complete incompetence of the Emperor. It may be that Jurabin was simply overwhelmed by events utterly outside his control, and that the Emperor either directly or indirectly sabotaged Jurabin's efforts.

A more serious personal flaw was Jurabin's tendency to allow matters of the heart to influence his advice on questions of state. Jurabin was entranced by the consort Noima, whose manipulations of him allowed her a great deal of power in the Court. And as soon as Aliera e'Kieron arrived at Court, Jurabin became solidly infatuated with her, much to Noima's chagrin, and to the complete detriment of his abilities.

This played into the hands of Garland, who was working to destabilize the Empire by introducing many severe simultaneous crises, including assassinating several of Tortaalik's most competent subordinates — a group which perhaps did not include Jurabin.

Jurabin perished with the rest of Tortaalik's household in Adron's Disaster.