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The Jhereg Council is the five-member mafia-style governing body that runs the Jhereg Organization. It is made up of the most powerful Jhereg bosses.

The Council (allegedly) had no official standing within the Empire until after the Interregnum, when the members (notably The Demon) put them into a greater position of authority.

All Jhereg within the Organization ultimately give a portion of their profits to the Council, because each Jhereg area is essentially a hierarchy that is almost a de facto fiefdom — a portion of the profits flows up the Organization chain to the higher-level area that contains all of the lower-level areas. The Jhereg Council maintains, and draws upon, a council operating fund or treasury.

While the council may sometimes call upon the services of the Left Hand of the Jhereg, they have no direct authority over them.

Known members of the council have included:

  • Curithne (Leader of the council until his recent death)
  • The Demon (Alive and well, currently positioned to be the new leader of the council.)
  • Mellar (dead, by Vlad)
  • Boralinoi (dead, by Vlad too)
  • Terion (thought to have been killed by Mellar, but apparently still active until the events of Hawk)
  • Nylanth (Alive)
  • Poletra (Alive)
  • Diyann (Alive)
  • Krasno (Alive)
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