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This page is about the House of the Jhegaala. For the book, see Jhegaala (book). For the animal, see Jhegaala (animal).

Jhegaala "shift as moments pass".

Jhegaala are one of the lowest-order houses in the Empire (generally outstripping only the Teckla and Jhereg in terms of prestige). According to Vlad, in Jhegaala, a Jhegaala will shift from one profession and worldly outlook to the next as their stages pass. A Jhegaala might become an art critic, if that is the stage he was in. This is perhaps similar to the human concept of "going through a phase".

Jhegaala are likely commonly laborers or workers of tasks that while they are somewhat menial, still require the ability to read and write, and so cannot be done by most Teckla. (Clerks? Paymasters? Secretaries?) Jhegaala are often mentioned as travelers on the road or as drop-in patrons at inns, suggesting they may be inclined to mobile professions such as tinker or peddler: jobs well-suited to their restlessly-fluctuating nature.

Much of the above is somewhat speculative, as there have been very few examples of Jhegaala to date, so little is known of them for sure. Dzurlord has this to say about the animal they're named after:

The jhegaala lives in swamps, and starts as an egg, becomes a large moth, and then a very large toad, passing through a few other stages in between.
See also Speculation:Cycle Turnings.

House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: Brown & Yellow [1]
  • Associated concept: metamorphosis and endurance
  • Physical appearance:
    • pale complexion
    • long face
    • pale eyes
  • Personality traits:
    • adaptable
    • shrewd
    • creative
    • gifted
    • durable
  • Social status: noble [2]

Notable Jhegaala[]


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  2. Dragon, Chap 1, pg 16 (paperback) "See the Chreotha or the Jhegaala, with titles of the nobility but lives of the bourgeois selling the fabric or the fruit or buying brain-drugs or trying to get a bargain from the local fence and, directly or indirectly, feeding me."

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