Lyorn Records

Jenicor was a Dragon of the e'Terics line, and fifth in line to be Dragon Heir at the start of Tortaalik's reign. She was titled the Marchioness of Sharp Bend Cave and Environs, and was to inherit the title of Duchess of Highland Reef.

She was very young at that time, only about two hundred or so. Her youthful desire for attention and excitement allowed her to be somewhat easily manipulated by Pel, who offered her outrageous flirtations at secret assignations. However, the ambitious Yendi was almost certainly more interested in Jenicor as a source of information about the intrigues and politics of the Court than simply as a lover.

After Pel and his friends were arrested, Pel cleverly alerted Jenicor to the fact of this arrest. Despite being unable to communicate with anyone about said arrest, Pel manipulated one of their guards, Thack, into propositioning Jenicor. Pel intimated that the information that Jenicor was open to such propositions came from G'aereth. When Thack approached Jenicor, however, she was far from open to his overture; instead, Thack was injured severely. Jenicor then found and challenged G'aereth for the outrage he had committed. G'aereth, however, pretended ignorance of this supposed outrage. Puzzled, both Jenicor and G'aereth decided to interrogate Thack, and discovered where Thack's information had really come from. She immediately forgave them both once she understood that they had all been manipulated by Pel.


"Ah, Cavalier, you are truly a Yendi."