Lyorn Records

Izak was a young Dragonlord calvary officer who served in Duke Kâna's army during the latter stages of the Interregnum.

After the Orb reappeared, Kâna replaced his more experienced generals with much younger officers. Izak was one of those promoted to General under this strategy. The reasoning was that, having been born during the Interregnum, the younger officers would not experience the conflicting emotions of the Orb's return. Kâna was worried that, feeling the Orb's call, the older generals might feel some reluctance about fighting against Zerika and the Orb, even if they did not defect altogether.

Izak was not entirely enthusiastic regarding his promotion. Nevertheless, he carried out his duties to the best of his ability. His army was on the verge of capturing Morrolan's temple, but victory was prevented when Tazendra sorcerously raised it into the air.

Izak also commanded one of the armies that attacked Adrilankha. Although checked by Sethra the Younger on one of the roads entering the city, Izak led the attack in fine style. His troops were close to breaking through, but when Tri'nagore was banished and the portal for the Jenoine was closed, Zerika's forces were once again able to use sorcery and witchcraft, and Izak's army was routed.

Izak's fate after the Battle of Adrilankha is unknown. Since he held such a high rank in the rebel Duke's army, it is likely that, if captured, he was set on the Executioner's Star.