Lyorn Records

Imperial Library is a rather inclusive term, since there were, and perhaps are, more than one of them, past and present.

Dragaera City[]

When the Imperial capital was in Dragaera City, the Imperial Libraries included:

  • The Caffissa Library, which took up three stories of the south part of the Athyra wing of the Imperial Palace, and was staffed entirely by Athyra.
  • The Silver Library, outside the Palace but near the Lyorn wing, staffed entirely by Lyorn historians.
  • The Zerika Library, under the Imperial Wing, staffed by Ricardo at the beginning of the 18th Phoenix Reign.


After the Imperial capital was re-established in Adrilankha, only one Imperial library (not otherwise named) has been mentioned to us by Vlad Taltos, which he visited for the purpose of researching the Left Hand of the Jhereg. It is located near the Jhereg wing of the new Imperial Palace, and is rather disorganized compared to university libraries. However, this particular library includes on its staff one Deleen, who enjoys exercising his Tsalmoth tenacity in pure research.