Lyorn Records

A Phoenix. Marchioness of the Twicetied Hills.

The sister of Allistar, she was involved in a plot to disrupt the Dragaeran Empire, and to gain favor with the Emperor.

Illista took advantage of Khaavren's declared love for her to make him an instrument of their plans. The plan was eventually thwarted by Khaavren and his friends, and Illista (and Allistar) were exiled to Elde Isle for the rest of their lives.

During the interregnum, the House of Phoenix (which was up next in the paused Cycle) was generally thought to be extinct, when in fact there were two surviving members—Illista and Zivra. Some of the gods remarked that it was a pity they were both female, since they could not breed.

After Duke Kâna started on his quest to remake the empire, Illista was brought back to Dragaera by the schemes of Grita, who shared a mutual enemy in Khaavren and friends. Illista helped once again to attempt to overthrow her own House's control of the Empire.

She was killed by Tazendra Lavode in a climactic battle, despite Illista's being personally protected by Jenoine-enhanced sorcery.