Lyorn Records

A young Dzur at the time of the restoration of the Dragaeran Empire, daughter of Sennya, the Dzur heir at the time, and her husband, Ibron. She is the (starcrossed) lover and potentially lifelong companion of the Tiassa Piro. (Marriage is forbidden between different Houses of the Empire.)

Ibronka played a significant role in the events surrounding the restoration of the Dragaeran Empire after the Interregnum (see The Viscount of Adrilankha). Before meeting Piro, she has a crush on Saynac, a subaltern traveling in the caravan with Röaana and herself.[1]

After these actions, Ibronka was inducted into the Porker Poker Society.

Many years later, in Vlad's time, Ibronka is a formidable and attractive Dzurlord, still very much with Piro, and, we find, somewhat kinky in her tastes. She and Vlad Taltos dislike each other on first meeting in Tiassa (book), and the antipathy seems to get stronger over time. Although, Vlad says at one point, "I like her," in response to something fierce said by Ibronka.

There are hints that Ibronka is half-sister of Grita, though it's possible that neither of them would know of it.


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