Lyorn Records

An elderly Dragaeran woman who resides, with her dog "Buddy", in a blue cottage just outside the city of Northport. Hwdf'rjaanci is a hedge wizard and physicker; skilled in healing problems of the mind. Her House was identified by Vladimir Taltos upon meeting her as probably Tsalmoth. Hwdf'rjaanci's name is from the Kanefthali region in northwest Dragaera. Since many find these names difficult to pronounce Hwdf'rjaanci often goes simply by "Mother".

Her husband was a skilled woodworker who created most of the ornamented furniture in her house. Her property belongs to an organization which went out of business after the death of a wealthy Orca businessman named Fyres and thus sent one of their personnel to inform her that she was forced to leave it in a couple of months. She was visited by Vladimir Taltos and and agreed to help restore her land in exchange for healing the mind of a Teckla youth in his company.

After a significantly long and complicated investigation, Vladimir had acquired the help of Kiera the Thief in the matter and eventually achieved his task, after learning much about the Empire's economy. Hwd'frjaanci was partially successful in aiding the Teckla, who had begun to talk but not interactively.

See Orca (book).