Lyorn Records

The home in Dragaera City where Khaavren, Pel, Tazendra, and Aerich lived during their time in the Phoenix Guard. After the events of the The Phoenix Guards, Khaavren stayed in the house with Srahi, a Teckla servant.

During the days before Adron's Disaster, the house was visited by many illustrious persons, including Sethra Lavode and Aliera e'Kieron.

The house itself was located just over a mile from the Dragon Gate to the Imperial Palace off the Street of the Dragon itself. In the immediate vicinity of the house were a hotel of a private army, a small private hospital, and a temple to the Goddess Verra.

When all four of the guardsmen were living in the house, Pel's room was an isolated one on the ground floor with a rear entrace, Tazendra's room was in the tower with private access to the kitchen, and Khaavren's and Aerich's were on the 2nd floor next to each other. Besides the kitchen, the house also had a main room, patio, and back garden.