Lyorn Records

A Jhereg boss who ran South Adrilankha until just prior to 244.

Herth had a substantial organization in the Easterners quarter, including brothels, gambling houses, and loan sharking operations.

When the grass-roots reformation efforts of Kelly's Movement began to undercut his businesses, Herth began to try to stifle the reformers. It was in this attempt that Herth had Bajinok hire Yerekim to murder Franz, which brought him into conflict with Cawti (and thus, with Vlad).

Herth figured in the disturbances that followed, and was eventually lured by Vlad into a trap at Kelly's headquarters. Vlad left him alive, but extracted a promise to leave Kelly's group alone in the future.

Shortly before the revolt of 244, Herth sold his interests in South Adrilankha to Vlad, and retired from the Organization.