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In the Dragaeran Empire, the Heir is the next person in each House who would take the throne if the cycle turned. An Heir is given the title of "Prince" or "Princess".

The Heir is also one of those who represent the House in the Imperial government (see also Council of Princes).

Heirs are presumably appointed by the ruling Council or other governing body of each house; they can be removed from their posts, and later reinstated, depending on inter-House politics. The Dragon Council appears to select Heirs by first determining an appropriate lineage and then choosing the most senior person from that lineage, but the mechanisms used by other Houses are not known.

The fact that an Heir apparently exists for the House in power at the time (in the case of Loudin, Tortaalik was Emperor at the time, and both were of the House of Phoenix) seems to imply that it is possible for the title of Emperor to pass between members of the same House during a single reign.

It is likely that there is no current Phoenix Heir, since Empress Zerika the Fourth is currently the only member of that House.

Notable Heirs (past)[]

Notable Heirs (present)[]