Lyorn Records

A female Dragonlord, cousin to Kâna (though oft mistaken to be his sister), and his primary advisor and strategist in his attempt to restore the empire.


It was Habil that first suggested to Kâna that he attempt to expand his influence beyond the Kanefthali region during the Interregnum. Her examination of feudal expansionism led her to conclude that the only effective mechanism for achieving this goal was to attempt to re-establish the Dragaeran Empire, with Kâna at its head.

A masterful strategist, she inspired admiration even in the devious Pel.

It was also Habil who first saw the need to seek Sethra Lavode's approval for this enterprise, and she went so far as to suggest that Pel himself venture to Dzur Mountain to learn her intentions. Upon learning of Sethra's opposition to her designs, she devised a number of tactics to prevent Zerika from reaching Deathgate Falls.

After the Battle of South Mountain, and the Battle of Dzur Mountain, Habil arranged an alliance with Grita and Illista as a part of the master plan to win the Battle of Adrilankha. This plot also included seeking aid from Loraan, the god Tri'nagore, and even the Jenoine.

She was arrested after the defeat at the Battle of Adrilankha, and, along with her cousin, was sent to the Executioner's Star.